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    Lincoln the Movie

    all i have to say is WOW!

    the nutzos have taken a whole new approach to their propaganda story telling.

    i thought the movie was going to be a BS glorification of Lincoln, but these people came up with a whole new idea, tell the truth about his under-handed tactics, then just act like these deeds were heroic.

    the movie shows,
    * Lincoln pushing unpopular ideas
    * Exploitation of Congressman they portray as weak
    * Intimidation
    * Lincoln buying support
    * Lincoln feeling like the war is a tragedy, when he was the one that started it
    * Lincoln telling everyone the South won't quit until they end slavery, while ignoring Southern diplomats who were in DC to negotiate peace.
    * Lincoln sending a hand written note to Congress saying there were no Southern diplomats in DC, which was a lie.

    the whole basic premise of the movie is, Lincoln says "Even i wasn't sure if what i was doing was Constitutional or not"
    implying, since the Northern government and Supreme Court didn't stop him, it must have been legal, and he has no responsibility to interpret Constitutional law.

    try a legal defense like that the next time you go to court and see how well it works out.

    then the movie implies that his winning of a second term was a blessing from the public allowing him to break Constitutional law and bypass the Democratic process.


    the whole movie seemed to be a big message to Obama that if he wants a big legacy, he needs to do the same kinds of things.

    one glaring omission from the movie was Lincoln's attempt to rig his re-election by collecting Nevada electoral votes, as a state, before it met the population requirements.


    "HEY EVERYONE! i would just like to thank Mr. Lincoln for everything he's done for me and my people.
    oh! and i especially would like to thank him for my new job, which is shoveling horse sht into a wagon."
    -Kenan Thompson (playing a slave on SNL)


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