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    Need help with Quadra fire Castile insert

    Our quadra fire Castile insert had a catastrophic failure and caught fire into the hopper. After the fire we have removed the stove and have replaced the 3 snap switches, vacuum switch, feed motor, and combustion fan and all gaskets. Stove is still not working. The stove powers up, blue light flashes combustion blower starts , after a minute blue lights stop flashing but combustion continuously runs. Whe I turn stove to on the control box red light comes on and combustion fan increases speed the igniter powers up but auger does not turn at all. Please help with what to do next.

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    I have in the past jumpered the wires that go to each snap disc one at a time to see if my particular problem remedies itself by working around a snap disc that may be at fault. Now if that solves the problem you need to immediately replace that disc. NEVER run a stove without a working snap disc. Also, double check all connections. I have had connections that have caused problems in the past. Keep us posted on your success or failures so that we may offer more help...

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    Make sure you have enough pellets in the hopper. Too few will cause the vacuum switch to shut off the auger motor... You could try jumpering around the vacuum switch to see if the auger will run and them reconnect it to see if that helps...

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    A hopper fire is cause to file a warranty claim with Quad. They will send someone out to investigate. If there was smoke damage to the home, your insurance company would probably subrogate against Quad but the stove would get fixed or replaced by Quad.

    This is not a DIY site so we cannot discuss troubleshooting such as jumping out safety circuits. For one thing, those are line voltage and could kill you. Do the proper thing and call for a qualified Quad service provider. A homeowner can follow the troubleshooting instructions in the manual or DVD but after that we can't go further. Sorry.

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