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    Where does the Propane go?

    I received a call from a customer today expressing concern over the amount of propane being used at his residence. He has a Burnham boiler with serial number 17447447 and he thinks it may be 20 years old. Can anyone verify this age? They also have propane water heater and propane stove. His tank was moved earlier in the year to make space for a driveway. The tank and line to the house has been pressure tested by the tank owner 3 times and verified to have no leaks. This customer has gone through 400 gallons of propane in the last month. Does this seem excessive to anyone? I don't know how much propane a standard household uses in Southeast Wisconsin during the winter, but this amount just seems excessive. I am trying to find out where all of the propane could be going. There is no smell of propane that would indicate a leak anywhere.

    Any assistance or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could put a hour meter on the gas valve of the boiler and check all units for proper combustion and adjustment. This will give you a starting point.

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    What size is the boiler. What size is the house. How many people living in the house.
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    The house is approximately 2500 Sq. Ft. (according to customer). I am guessing that it is at leas a 100,000 BTU boiler but I do not know. Have not been to the residence yet. There are 3 people, Mom, Dad, and 1 child.

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