Hey Guys Im looking for advice on a Fireplace problem. this fireplace has a simple flip switch with 2 wires connecting to TH &TH/TP.
During my inspection, I found the thermopile to be faulty since it was only making 60mv. I replaced the Thermopile and now im getting good millivolts (around 650+mv)

The problem is that even after replacing the thermopile, it still does not open main gas valve. The thermocouple will hold the pilot fine, so I dont think its the thermocouple and the thermopile is brand new. also when checking the MV on the thermopile, when the flip switch is closed, The MV would go up to around 650MV but than after "OL"

Could this be a problem with the Gas Valve now?

I tried to jump out the switch but still will not light main burners

Thanks for the advice everyone