Today I was given the task of trainning someone to do the “software” side of my job. The timeframe one year. I currently work with Tridium Branded “X” and Lon based controllers. I also have sites with different types of integrations of different Lon, BacNet, Modbus, and N2 devices. A mix of new constructions jobs, retrofits for energy savings and updates. A few systems not installed by us, but I modified logic and sequences for customers needs. Typical commercial buildings & schools, boiler plant, chillers, VAV, FCU, etc. A few process systems and critical areas. Some hospital work. You know the mix. We are “indirect” meaning we are just sold parts and software with no tech support from Brand “X”. I rely on sleepless nights, drums of coffee, the sheer power of curiosity, and of course you guys to get through the challenges. The person selected for me to train has about 20 years in as a sheetmetal mechanic and fabricator. He is also a certified balancer. He is a good guy but I am not sure he knows how to use a voltmeter or read a wiring diagram. No big deal, neither did I when I started. It is all a learned skill set. It has taken me 15 years mixed with a few in service, and weeks (probably months) worth of different training and certification classes to get me to today. Right now there is no commitment on any type of outside structured training or certifications, just OTJ. I have to put together agenda for this training. Where would you begin? Thoughts on this? Can this be done successfully in the given timeframe?