I got a call on a boiler the other day. Its an American Standard Arcoliner number W0351 series 3bj3. Probaly 50 years old or more, its oil fired, sooted up like crazy blah blah blah. This guy heats his house with wood but wants this to work as back up, but oil gun was wired off of aqua-stat, so it was kicking on and off regardless of room thermostat setting. I havent convinced him to replace unit. If hes keeping it it needs to be cleaned, what I want to know is if there is suppose to be a wet pack in bottom of unit or something that the flame is suppose to hit. Because when I opened the door and looked inside burner box theres a half melted metal plate leaning against the back wall. I beleive that this plate use to rest on tabs above gun. But Ive never seen one of these units before. I shut unit off and told him not to run it I want to find this out before I spend the time in cleaning it, any info will help Thanks.