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    Amana 80% problems

    I went on this furnace 2 times today. Arrived both times to lockout and no diagnostic lights on the board. I reset power and the furnace fires up and runs ok. Homeowner tells me ignitor comes on and gas valve comes on but does not ignite burner. I checked output gas pressure 3.5in wc. burners are clean, and placement of ignitor is positioned correctly. I just wanted to know if their could be something in the manifold as far as debris that might cause the failed ignition.I was told that the gas valve and board were replaced last year. I am going to take the gas line and manifold off and look for any debris. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to this. Thanks

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    Make sure igniter is the correct one for the unit

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    I bet you run it with the door off, and the homeowner checks it with the door on.

    Check your HX, and make some the igniter is getting hot enough to ignite. "glows" doesn't ALWAYS mean hot enough.
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    test resistance on ingnitor when its not hot. What kind is it?

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    Check for blocked flue..i.e.-birds nest, bees nest, ice, incorrect vent termination, wind blowing back into flue. Really need so more information...whats the model #, draft induced or natural draft? Vertical or horizontal? Attic or basement? what tstat is installed? have you been there when it misfires? advise the HO to stop turning it off before you get there or show them how to read the code, some boards will recycle after a set time 30mins or 60mins(once again model# will help us help u)....i am betting its a pressure switch problem...

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    I had "2" this year do same...,bring out the "Torch" if it lites with this its the HSI.,alignment..,combustion air issue.

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    I ran into one that was giving me problems like this and I eventually found that the gas pressure on the inlet side was not consistent, it would test just fine 70% of the time and then it would drop ever so often, it was a propane tank regulator though idk if you would have the same problem with natural gas but if there is a regulator anywhere it might pay to check it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cosmicmuffin View Post
    I had "2" this year do same...,bring out the "Torch" if it lites with this its the HSI.,alignment..,combustion air issue.
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    I've had a couple do this also and it was the ignitor both times.

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