Hi, I need some help. We just bought a lakehouse in MO and we spent 4-6 days out of 30 there last month. The refrigerator and a clock is on all of the time and the heater is set as low as it will go (~45) when we are not there. The first bill showed that we used 2545 Kwh of electricity and the bill was $188! We were there for 4 days! Could it be the heater? The home is an A-frame that's about 1000sq ft or less-it's just one big room with a loft. We have the vents closed in the loft. When we get there and turn up the heat (to 60 or 62) the house heats up within 3-5 minutes and shuts off and then runs periodically while we are there. We turn it down below 60 when we sleep - love it cold for snuggling ( I know...TMI.) Anyway...is it possible that we used up THAT MUCH electricity in such a short amount of time? What can we do to cut our bills? I tried to talk to the electric co about the high kwh, but he just said we needed to get used to it. huh? No TV, washer/dryer, internet, etc. is used.