Hey new member here Decided to try a forum for what I'm trying to make a career of. New to hvac but not to forums(big car junky in my spare time). I live in the Raleigh
NC area.

So a little about me.....I am 26 and recently wanted a change in careers. Been working in the body shop business since I was 18 as pretty much everything but a tech. Estimator, parts manager and outside sales for the most part. Well I wanted to get into something hands on but body work and working on cars was not what I wanted after seeing how insurance company's run everything and how flat rate kinda sucks.

Well I have always had an interest in hvac and decided to pursue it. I have decent mechanical ability and like to work on my race car as a hobby. At the moment I am at a community college pursing a degree in HVAC(thinking about just getting my diploma instead and start looking for a foot in). I have a universal certification on my cfc and am really excited to get into the field!

Btw my names Bryan!