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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacvegas View Post
    The way that the coil sits on top of the blower is fine. Both door panels are in line.

    Overcharged, probably airflow issue to begin with.
    Probably had to jack in refrigerant to keep it from freezing.

    You need a real professional, not someone stumbling through this.
    Him changing the indoor TXV to help with a heating issue forces me to say this.

    I'd assume this "check me" test is flawed, and not use its results. Mostly because it's government related.
    The coil door is not facing front as far as I can tell. A decent picture with the entire air handler in view would help.

    The "check me" test is very accurate as far as the air flow check goes. It's a very valuable tool in the field. It will verify airflow when the static pressure test fails or is inaccurate. Its susceptible to poor data input and ignorance in general just like anything else.
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