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    Trane univent discharge air sensor location

    We have over 100 trane univents that they used an averaging sensor for the discharge air. The coil is about 4 inches below the sensor and the bypass is behind the coil so when we bypass the coil we still get alot of heat on the sensor so we get a lot of complaints about blowing cold air since the unit thinks it is blowing warmer air.
    Anyone seen this before? Any sugestion on how to fix it?
    Sorry I hope you understand what I am talking about. Thanks

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    move the sensor before the bypass.

    Is there a damper after the coil and what are the settings Min/max cfm settings.

    how does the BP work, off of static pressure? do you know whats pressure it opening on. ?

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    The units have a face and by pass coil that is how they control the discharge air temp.

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    supply a model#

    Is this for a school?

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    Yes this is for a school I will have to wait until tonight to get a model number I only have the control as builts nothing on the unit itself.

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    I finaly got the model number. they are trane model vvuve100 they have one coil (2pipe system) with a face and bypass damper. There is no control of the water flow they coil is always hot. when looking down throught the grill on top of the unit you can see the coil it is at a 45 degree angle and takes up about 2/3 of the grill space and the by pass is behind the coil. the discharge sensor is an averaging type that zig zags just under the grill about 4 inches above the coil and bypass damper. So when you fully bypass the coil only half of the sensor is in the discharge air and the other half is getting radiant heat from the coil.

    Has any one ran into this before. My discharge temps are always wrong. we get lots of cold )55 degree)air blowing out of the unit even though i am reading 65-70 on the computer.

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