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    Hello: When i started working as a Stationary Engineer, after College, I would say about one half of other engineers i met, were ex Navy Boiler Tenders, and or Machinist Mates. As a matter of fact, my School Instructor was an ex Navy Engineer, and started the course at the College in the late 1950's. So, i think the Navy is a very good option to consider. Here is a copy of the latest version of the course i took back in the early 1970's, to give you an idea of why most all graduates go to work as journeyman engineers, if they graduate this 2 year program:


    I suggest you at least see if there is a similar Trade School in your area, if you do not Join the Navy. Don't forget of all the other benefits from serving as well, such as GI bill, travel, etc.. I spent 3 years in the Army myself, and The GI bill paid the tuition for the above course. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy knocker View Post
    In NY or Chicago 1/2 of your apprentiship, minimum, will be devoted to the worship and support of a particular political party. If you are sheeplike and prefer to be told what you believe then they may be for you. You will learn no more about the job in twice the time there then you will anywhere else. Navy would serve you much better or MM academy. IMHO.
    You are 100% wrong! I'm a union member in NYS and politics have nothing to do with the apprenticeship program, as a matter of fact most of my union brothers are gun owners, NRA members with conservative views, our union supports republicans and democrats based on on whose in for the working men.
    By the way getting in the NAVY is probably more difficult than getting in the union. There are exam preparation classes for the stationary engineer test, locally in order to take the test one must work under the supervision of a stationary engineer for one year.

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