Some of you might know that I posted a similar question regarding the Stationary Engineer's exam. From what I have found out the test is not required where I live (Texas), but is required in states such as New York where the union is prevalent.

My current question concerns my situation as a high school senior attempting to enter the field of building engineering after graduation. I have read that some of these unions offer apprenticeships which are two to three years long. After completing the apprenticeship, you are able to take the stationary engineer’s exam and enter the field. From my perspective this seems like a great opportunity for young people interested in this field.

As someone coming from Texas would it be possible for me to enter a union in Chicago or NY and enter such a program? If so how can I find out more?

I am familiar with the way things are done in Texas. I have met several building engineers while touring various class A properties in my area. I have also done a brief apprenticeship. How do union operating engineers(such as Local 94 in NYC) differ from non union?

I have great interest in this field, but realize there is much to learn. An operating engineer must have proficient knowledge of not only HVAC but also; plumbing, electrical, and life safety systems. I have basic knowledge of building systems and their operation, and wish to further my education through hands on training. A union apprenticeship could be an opportunity to eventually become a operating/stationary engineer.

Thank you for your time and interest. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.