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    Comfort advisor job opening 100k+

    Growing SE Wisconsin residential & light commercial company. Guaranteed 300-400 leads a year. 15% of homes have multiple systems. Ins, car, 401k, trip incentives, cell phone uniforms, company provided computers, manufacturer spiffs, commission, etc. This is an amazing opportunity. 65hrs/week 100k. Email resume to and visit

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    This sounded like a great opportunity... Then it came to the 65 hours a week part and that was a let down. I can make 100k a year working 15 hours a week less. I can do a lot of stuff with my kids with an extra 780 hours a year. If its a legit 65 hours a week, you may want to consider splitting it into 2 positions with a bit more responsibility added to each (billing or something of that sort) to justify the two positions... 65 hours a week CONSISTENTLY is a lot to ask of anyone. I've worked 6 65+ hour weeks consecutively and even that was too much. So unless you're an owner, you probably wont keep guys around very long running them into the ground 65 hours a week

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