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    Wireless pneumatic t'stat upgrades, any good feedback?

    I've got a site with about 3 dozen pneumatic thermostats, VAV boxes and perimeter heating valves.
    In trying to sell the customer a BAS system to manage the energy costs, I've come across Millennial Net direct replacement thermostats. They will do the job of the old thermostat but connect / form a wireless network allowing a supervisory controller to manage every thing better.

    Anyone had an experience with this product, good or bad?


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    We used Cypress -

    They came down on their dime and helped us setup and get things working. The support is by far outstanding. The technology is a bit different from Millennial, can't remember what.

    Overall we have 1 building with about 100 stats and working on 2 more for another 300 stats. We also did couple steam trap monitoring.


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    I have 32 cypress wireless stats in operation. Have had real good luck with them. Customer is looking at adding more in the future.

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