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    Exhaust flue smell

    Went on a call Friday on the homeowner's complaint of smelling gas(NG) smell from furnace exhaust outside. I could not find anything at all wrong or out of spec. O2 and CO readings were all within normal range, intake pipe was all clear. Furnace is a lennox slp98 installed last as april and in the home owners defense I smelled it as well when I arrived. After I took gas pressures (all perfect) I took the burner box cover off and ran for 10 min then went out by termination, I'm very puzzled as to a reason for this as was tech support. Any input would be great.

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    Pop the exhaust pipe off and look for black substance in pipe, could be plugged secondary.

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    If you have delayed ignition for whatever reason you may get a bit of raw gas passing through system on start up. Check burners and travel pilot. If HSI not getting hot enough, raw gas can pass before ignition.
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