the purpose of this thread is to examine the way America is, verse how America was created,
and the effects of Federalization.

now, first off, let me state that it is true James Madison, when he was creating the
Constitution, DID want states to be accountable to the Federal government for the very
limited powers the Federal government were allowed to hold, BUT, the amendment was out-voted by the founders because they were horrified of the idea the Federal government would be telling people what to do.

the fact that we sit around and wait for a major Presidential election every 4 years, then
hope good tidings trickle down to us from the top, is a crime in itself.
the government was not created this way.
the Presidential election was to be little concern , the power of the people was to be
wielded by controlling their state, and even more importantly, their small community.

having the Federal government set the policy for the whole country, other than simple rules
and basic rights, undermines our Democracy.
if everything is going well in your small community, then responsible government goes to
the top.
in modern times the local government is almost invisible, most people don't know who their
leaders are for their town and state.



let's start off with a controversial subject, racism.
let's say somewhere in the deep south, ...of California, some racist guy decides to start a
company and he doesn't want to serve black people.
he has the right in a free society to say and do what ever he wants, except cause bodily
harm to anyone. (rights under the Amendments, state and Federal)
so he paints a big Confederate flag on his trucks, writes "John White's plumbing", and ,
"serving whites only!" and goes driving around the city.

there is no need for government action here, ...and this is why,
by not serving black customers, John White leaves the door open for Paul Black's Plumbing

service , "serving anyone".
Paul Black is going to win the customers of color, and white customers who don't want to
support a racist business.
if John White still manages to stay in business, who..the hell...cares?

under our current government , the Federal government says,
* No you can't "discriminate"
* If John White's business is big enough, the Federal government will dictate Affirmative
Action laws, which are racist based
* If he doesn't comply, the ACLU will start filing frivolous lawsuits
* Other government agencies will get involved and start threatening jail time
* If none of that works , John White will find himself in trouble with the IRS.
you might like the sound of this better , but i'm sorry , it's all UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and
what is the motivation? to control someone's opinions?

a) California might say "we don't know where these illegal aliens are coming from , but we
allow them to work and provide them with health care, and all the companies want to come to
our state"
b) Arizona might say "we don't have any illegals here , there's no crime and our health
services are almost free"

by the public running the community the way they want , there is competition, and
communities learn from each other as to what the best policy is.

under our current society, the Federal government says "we're going to allow illegals to
break the law and come here, and no one is going to do anything about it!"
now, the Feds have created FAKE government in Arizona, because the Arizona politicians can

do what ever they want, except fix what the public considers to be a problem.


when Abraham Lincoln and his goons destroyed state's rights and Federalized the country,
they basically pulled the rug out from under our Democracy.
they told people they were going to ENFORCE the Constitution.
their plan was corrupt and one simple proof was in the Second Amendment , does the Federal
government "enforce" public gun ownership in the states?
no, they say it's "state's rights" to infringe the Amendment, because they don't agree with

i'm sorry, but you will not get good things from a corrupt government.
the Bible says rotten trees will not produce good fruit.

the excuse of the time was "slavery".
in pre-America ,each state had a controlling church.
after the Constitution was passed, each state respected the Bill of Rights, and churches
gave up their controlling power.
are you telling me that churches giving up their dominance was a smaller issue than slavery?
you might say "yes, but i say "no" , slavery could have been dealt with in a Constitutional
manner, especially since the founders placed the beginning of it's demise in the

people seem to think that the smaller the group that controls the government and the public,
the better chance there will be justice.
i don't know how people come to that conclusion.
this idea is nothing short of Satanic, massive power in the hands of the few, or the
dictator, is always corrupt.