I need some information on a heat pump system that I put a compressor in a couple of years ago. H/O is telling me that his wife called a company out to the system after they noticed it not defrosting. The contractor installed a new defrost board, and a defrost relay. Three trips, first to diagnose and order board. Second trip to install defrost board and determine that defrost relay is faulty and orders it. Third trip to install relay. Tells H/O all is well, collects and leaves. Less than 30 days later, house is at 56 degrees, and H/O calls contractor. Contractor states that unit probably needs gas, and it will need to be checked when the temperature gets warmer H/O switched system to Em. Heat. Blowing cold air. Called contractor back, and she was told that they are terribly busy and because it's a freon issue, they can't do anything for the customer until the temperature warms up in a couple of months. I get a call from H/O, whining about "No Heat." Can you come down here and fix this heating system? I'll pay you anything to get my house warm.
What I need before I drive down there, 100 miles is a wiring diagram and any information you could give me on a Lennox air handler M/N CB19-41-2P S/N 5193F90780. Outdoor Section Lennox M/N HP23-411-1P S/N 5193 G 18847. Help me please. Went to the Lummox website, but of course they are protected. My lennox manuals are all too old to help.