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I got my old Geo back, I built this system in 1981 for my new home. Gave up the home about 12 years ago in a divorce (right after replacing the compressor)

Got back the service rights a few years ago when my Son purchased the home from his mother.

At the time I put this together (1980) there was almost no commercial actitvty on LI Geo. I did see 1 package unit at a home show, he was chilling a 275 gal tank and puting out 150 degree air. When I questioned him about how he was geting such high air temps out of it he said it was highly efficent and that's just how it works. The story changed when I went to my truck for an amprobe and clamped his disconnect, only then did he tell me that there was 7.5 kw of strip heat running also.

Anyway, it's a open system with 1 driven well (1/3hp pump) the waste water goes to a large drywell in the front yard. Did a calc years ago and based on flow rate and temp drop the output was 34 to 36,000 btu without factoring in any motor heat. Original compressor came from a Carrier 34,000 btu "Round One" split that a tree fell on.

Glad my Son now owns it, We did an indoor coil cleaning and replaced the old belt drive blower with a 4 speed direct drive everything else checked out good but I did reinstall a flow switch that the X had removed when it went bad. Hope he gets a few more good years out of it but I do not have any idea what I would replace it with as I never have seen a small Geo split and there is no room where the air handler is located for a package unit.

The water heater on the right is a junker and has nothing to do with the system, will be hauling it out for scrap soon.