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    This Old WaterSource

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    I got my old Geo back, I built this system in 1981 for my new home. Gave up the home about 12 years ago in a divorce (right after replacing the compressor)

    Got back the service rights a few years ago when my Son purchased the home from his mother.

    At the time I put this together (1980) there was almost no commercial actitvty on LI Geo. I did see 1 package unit at a home show, he was chilling a 275 gal tank and puting out 150 degree air. When I questioned him about how he was geting such high air temps out of it he said it was highly efficent and that's just how it works. The story changed when I went to my truck for an amprobe and clamped his disconnect, only then did he tell me that there was 7.5 kw of strip heat running also.

    Anyway, it's a open system with 1 driven well (1/3hp pump) the waste water goes to a large drywell in the front yard. Did a calc years ago and based on flow rate and temp drop the output was 34 to 36,000 btu without factoring in any motor heat. Original compressor came from a Carrier 34,000 btu "Round One" split that a tree fell on.

    Glad my Son now owns it, We did an indoor coil cleaning and replaced the old belt drive blower with a 4 speed direct drive everything else checked out good but I did reinstall a flow switch that the X had removed when it went bad. Hope he gets a few more good years out of it but I do not have any idea what I would replace it with as I never have seen a small Geo split and there is no room where the air handler is located for a package unit.

    The water heater on the right is a junker and has nothing to do with the system, will be hauling it out for scrap soon.

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    Got a call from my Son last week for no heat, arrived to find the well pump running but no compressor. It was out on low flow on the newly installed flow switch. It was flowing water so I put a jumper (temp) on the switch and let it run for a while.

    After a few min of runing I check the inlet and outlet themometers and find the inlet thermometer not working and the outlet at 36 degrees. It should be running at 58 inlet and 49 out so it is not seeing the right flow. The system has inlet and out pressure gauges but they are trashed so they are no help.

    Go back this week with new pressure gauges and thermometers and install them. When I removed the inlet thermometer the tip of the well was missing so I said to my son I think we found the flow restriction, it's where ever the well tip is. Went on to install the gauges and fired it up. Instantly my new 30 psi gauge on the inlet is pinned while the outlet is 3psi.

    Well the restriction has to be in the only 3 90 degree els between the gauge and the shell and tube HX so I moved a gauge to a thermometer port just before the HX to prove it. Fire it up, still pins the gauge, the HX can not be that fouled up so I pull the end bells and there it is.

    The well tip is stuck in the inlet to the HX, drove it back up the pipe and removed it. While the end bells where off I cleaned the tubes of the HX, the where not bad. I think this HX is CurpoNickle but it is to far back to remember. Put it back together and fired it up, all pressures back to normal.

    A quick check shows 9 gpm, 59.2 inlet and 50.2 outlet, very close to what it always did.

    By the way the new thermometers are now remote reading automotive LCD'S 6 bucks ea with the sensors in homemade wells. I did go big on the gauges, they are liquid filled in place of the old ones that vibrated themselfs to pieces in less than 5 years.

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    That's cool, thanks for sharing.
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