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    I'm not from S.B., but I looked into a Foreman position with the big H. I'd like to be within a reasonable distance from Chicago. I was planning on going there as a traveler card and if things looked good I would've transfered there. Things didn't work out though.

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    know what you are talking about. They are a good place to work. so you probably looked into non union jobs here also? If you did did you see the crappy pay?

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    Honestly, the $29.95 is lower than the Jm here which is $34.70. I thought being that close to Chicago I'd be higher, but by what I'm seeing here it seems good. No, I never looked into any non-Union jobs there.

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    Chicago prices are way more then here. The cost of living is night and day.

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    You've been in the feild for a yr how would you know if your welds "never" leak, never is a long time.
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    Where did you go to school in eastern PA?

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    I'm currently being paid $12 an hour and I have been at this company for around a year and 8 months in eastern Pennsylvania I graduated top of my class in trade school an I am always on time and have been told I am higher up in the company then another employee who has been there almost 2 and a half years. I currently have not requested any benefits and I can pretty much handle any service/Installation tasks I have needed to do. Am I missing something here or is this the going rate for all smaller companies? We are not a fly by night operation. I would appreciate any input you might have.
    where did you go to school in eastern PA?

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