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    I had a bad burn this summer on a trane HP and got handed a one way drier and said....hey this ain't right.

    Trane said its correct we want drier back in oem spot before OD txv. I say ok and took drier put in back of van.

    Guess they didn't think it would be a problem to not run freon through drier until winter.

    I installed suction line hh core and liquid hh cord biflow and oil was still slightly acidic after 2-3 hrs but came up neutral after 24 hrs.

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    trane used one way driers in the units that have the check valve in the xe units they have one drier in the xl they have 2 ,on the newer units that dont have the check valve they use a biflow drier . sounds like you found what killed the compressor
    Stuff happens

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