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    Climate control in the attic

    Hi All.

    I have a large space above my garage that is not being utilized and I dont want to completely finish it into a bonus room.

    What I'd like to do is build a climate controlled storage room. The area would be approximately 15'x20'x6' and heavily insulated and sealed.

    I'd like to maintain approx 80 degrees and regulate the humidity to around 50 or 60 percent.

    The trick is going to be the summer time. I live in south alabama, so it gets pretty humid and hot.

    The attic fans are set to around 100 degrees so it would not be unlikely that the actual temp could be 110 or 115 in the middle of summer.

    With all of that in mind, would a small 5000 btu window unit function in the attic?
    It probably would not maintain the humidity level so I could add a dehumidifier.

    Any other ideas?


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    You are building a storage room in your attic? I don't see why a window unit would not work, 5000 btu probably would not be big enough if temps reach 115 however.
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    Yes. It's only going to be 100 to 150 sq. ft. Completely sealed and insulated.

    After a bit of research, it looks like a window unit may not function in the attic because of the heat.

    I may have to do a small split unit.

    I was hoping to keep the cost down on this.

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    I was assuming you had ventilation for the window unit, by the way what are you growing up there?
    My name is TooCoolforschool and I am a chronic over charger.

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    No ventilation. Very funny. I knew someone was going to suggest that. Anyway, that is what the hunting camp is for. (i am kidding)

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    try a minisplit.
    My name is TooCoolforschool and I am a chronic over charger.

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