I was wondering if anyone else has been having any issues with any ductless heat pump systems they have installed and have had issues with frost and ice building up on the fan blades on the outdoor unit? My company is on the Pacific NW and it has been colder than usual this time of year with a lot of fog and temps not getting above freezing for about the last week and a half. We have had about 5-6 Fujitsu ductless heat pump system that have had this issue, when one of our techs called Fujitsu when he was called out to the first one that iced up the tech from Fujitsu knew before he finished telling him the problem and told him to get a teflon spray to coat the fan blades with. This only lasts for a few days and the same thing happens, we are replacing every fan blade for every system that has had this happen as soon as the fans get shipped to our office.

If anyone has had the same or simular thing happen and has any answers or help, that would be great.