I am working on trying to integrate a Trane RTAC Chiller into a BACnet MS/TP system. The chiller has a Tracer BCI on it. I got the Tracer BACnet set up tool and configured the device ID, baud and such. The only thing that was weird was the controller wouldn't look at the rotary switches for the MAC address. In the manual for the UC400 it says you can clear the memory and the BCI will automatically go out and reconfigure itself. Once I did that the rotary switch change came up like normal, but when I would go to change the engineering units of measure it kept showing a error while saving. It does this everytime and I am not sure what I can try next. Also I noticed the CH530 controller can no longer communicate to the BCI. Do I have to hook up to the CH530 now and rebind the BCI with the Trane Magnetic screw driver? I would appreciate any help on working with one of these controllers.