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Actually this home was completely gutted about a year ago due to having Chinese drywall. Since I was basically the contractor and sub contracted everything out, I just don't know what to think. Obviously we never had this problem the first time we built this home. The house has a constant musty smell in between cooling and heating seasons, so I take it that this is where the high humidity is coming into play.
Keeping a home cooled below outside dew points can also cause condensation of moisture in the insulation while outside dew points are high. Best to not overcool homes while outside dew points are +70^F. Should dryout during cold weather and heating.
Attaching data from a SW FL home with a/c-dehumidification-fresh air ventilation for 2 weeks, followed by cool dry weather without a/c or dehumidification. Observe the lower inside dew point while the outside dew points are high. During not dehu or a/c, the inside dew point follows the outside dew point. Additional fresh dry air ventilation reduces the humidification effect from the occupants. Fresh air ventilation and dehumidification are important for air tight well insulated homes.
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Attaching PDF file. Click on the pdf to veiw.
Cape Coral FL Home Jan 2013.pdf