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During cold weather with low outdoor dew points (<50^F), adequate fresh air change should maintain low inside humidity. Therefore a damp home during cold weather indicates inadeauate fresh air ventilation to purge indoor air pollutants and renew oxygen. As weather warms, fresh air infiltration, decreases. Fresh air ventilation is basic in any home when occupied.
Yes, a dehumidifier is necessary when the outdoor dew points are +55^F to maintain <50%RH inside during low/no cooling load conditions.
Ultra-Aires are the grand daddy of whole house dehumidifiers with the best air filters, lowest electrical usage (highest Energy Star rating) and most durable.
I have worked for Ultra-Aire for 20 years. These are priced on the high end. Any distributor or contractor can order a unit from 800 533 7533.
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Thanks for your reply. My home is roughly 2200 sq ft heated/cooled. Which model do you think that I would need, the 90?