Hello all! I live in south Alabama and the past few nights the temp. has gotten around 35-39 degrees. I have a brand new Trane 16 seer variable speed heat pump with a thermostat that has humidity control. I keep my set temp. at 70 degrees when i go to bed. The next morning, I have pools of water on my window sills and the windows have droplets of water all over them and are also fogged over. I have also noticed when the heat is running, it is putting my humidity level between 64 and 70. To me that doesn't sound normal. Does the high humidity level have something to do with this? Also, the house is a new home with upgraded insulation. The windows are double paned, but are metal, not vinyl, which I don't think the winows have anything to do with what's going on. I guess the humidity control doesn't work unless the a/c is running, correct? What the heck is going on? I'm really getting frustrated. Thanks for any help that can be offered.