"Sounded like a jack hammer after I turned it back on" is what the store manager told me after I found both rods snaped on a copeland laca 032e-tac. I am looking for a reason for this failure. It is an ice cream bunker with the condensor located lower than the bunker in a tunnel. It runs R-507 and has a cpr at the condensor. It does not have a pump down solenoid and controls temp. via press. sw. only. The store manager says they turned it off on Sat. night via turing off the compressor breaker only. Then they washed out the bunker w/ luke warm water. They do this a few times a year. Turned the system back on Monday Morning and it sounded like a jack hammer, but they let it run. Ran all week and they called me Friday morning and I found the rods on both cylinders broke and oil sitting on the piston when I removed the head. This is standard practice and setup on the freezers in this store. I am thinking the warm water may force the 507 to migrate into the compressor. The tunnel runs about 90 degrees this time of year and there is no CCH on the compressor. Any thoughts would be great!