I am working as a consultant for a 200-room Hotel project and we are choosing a VRF system at the moment. For sure, I've got engineers around me who inform me on how to choose a VRF system as I have no education or sufficient experience on the subject; but I still need more information.

We are quoated by Mitsubishi Heavy, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric and they have all come up with their own systems. More or less, they calculated similar capacity and diversity. And now it has come to my decision.

1) Mitsubishi Heavy has quoated me for a KX6 system which consists of several 22-24-26-28 and 32 HP FDC-series units. They tell me that their KX6 systems have 2 inverters which is their main advantage against their competitors. Would you agree on that?

2) Daikin on the other hand quoted me for their new VRV IV system which accordingly is setting a new standard in the industry and is much more energy efficient due to many technological advancements. I've found out that it is a fairly new system and I was wondering what you can tell me about it? Is it reliable? Does it really bring essential improvements?

3) Given I have the same capacity recommended to me, based on what should I make my decision? Should I compare the EER values? And more importantly, which system would recommend and why?

Many thanks!