I have installed a Daikin RXS12LVJO mini split, and I am having trouble with the outdoor drain pan freezing.
The drain hole freezes and ice builds up in the bottom pan,putting pressure on the coil. This causes a vibration in the system that makes a very loud noise and actually makes the house vibrate. (unit is mounted on wall brackets).
The first time it happened I cleared the ice away and checked the unit for level. I discovered that it was slightly tipped forward,so I levelled it to keep the water in the drain pan. That lasted about a week and now the pan is frozen again.
I called Daikin and they suggested that they thought there was a drain pan heater available for this. I am checking into that now but can't help feeling that there should be a better solution.The idea of these units is to reduce energy costs and they want me to install an electric heater outdoors? These units are designed to work in sub zero climates and they don't all come with drain pan heaters(or do they? I am only familiar with Daiklin). Does this mean they are all freezing up?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.