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    Confused Volume Damper Design

    Hello people;

    first, i have spent some time trying to figure out which forum to post my question at, and i hope this is correct. Please remove it in case i was wrong. i hate breaking the rules

    Well, i'm working on a project of manufacturing an in-house volume control dampers, i'm working on the design now and it's almost done.

    However, i'm still stuck at some points without any answers:

    1- how to decide proper number of blades ? (in case of having diffrent widths, e.g.: either 5 blades of 4" or 4 blades of 5")

    2- how to decide where to place the extended shaft or the manual handle, top balde or center or bottom ? based on what.

    Thanx in advanced guys.

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    You should probably go to an engineering forum. Try I'd go the route of the least blades in the airflow and for the handle mounting location, I have seen them positioned in the middle and top or bottom. I doesn't really make a difference to me

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    Thanx Vinster, i'll give it a shot.

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    Another option is They have a Mechanical Engineering section in there.

    Simpler is better. Do use all a favor and keep in the back of your mind, the poor technician that will one day have to replace the actuator or the connecting rod.

    Good Luck

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    cool website , meplumber !

    thanx again

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