Hello, I just signed up here looking for some online help I am an HVAC tech in Eastern Montana and this looks like a great community to discuss HVAC topics looking forward to being a part of the online community.

I have been working on a nordyne furnace M1M series and it has been causing me alot of issues. I'm in Montana in the boom area where the bakken oil is bringing in more "high quality" trailers and furnaces in the area than you can count. I work on alot of these units, very seldom do I have a complex issue they are a pretty simple unit, but this one is really tough to pin down.

Furnace begins its sequence of operation, gets the ignitor glowing and right when you hear the relay click for the gas valve, no gas flow, the ignitor goes out and then will try again after a few seconds. Here is the problem it only does this sometimes, It has allowed the house to cool down in the past but will eventully come back on. I have never witnessed this but the homeowner says this happens. It will not throw any codes just retries and usually lights on the second or third attempt. I have tested the gas valve it works great tried the new control board because that is a common problem with these furnaces, and it acted exactly the same.

It hasn't locked out in some time now but she is constantly calling to have me come remedy the unusual operation and I don't know what to do with it as long as it is only having problems sporadically. Has anyone else ever had this problem?