California politicians released people from jails several months ago.

according to the politicians, there was an over crowding problem in the prisons and jails so they decided to transfer people from prison to county jail , and release others.
they released 2600 people which they labeled as "low level offenders, mostly drug related convictions"

a shocking! , approx 1800 WERE RE-ARRESTED for new crimes.
within months property crimes jumped up 5% ,
Asian gang members who were in jail for "low level drug convictions" and released, went to an apartment and killed a young Asian couple.

"there's no funding for more jails in California"
kinda strange, because California has a massive population and one of the highest tax rates.
"there no place to build more prisons"
kinda strange, because California has miles of vacant land.

we need to start thinking about placing politicians in jail for aiding and abetting criminals for actions like this.