Hi all. I am brand new to this forum with a few questions. Thanks in advance for this great resource!

A little history--We have a very old gas furnace (24 years old.) We recently had some home renovations done which required moving a vent and adding some new ductwork. My son and I are very sensitive to chemicals.

Ever since the work was done at our house, my son and are are reacting to something whenever the furnace (and air conditioner) come on. We have sinus pressure, headaches, raw throat, ears ring. We have had the furnace checked over for leaks, etc. There is no carbon monoxide, no leak, and it seems to be in good working order. The gas company came, and there are no natural gas leaks. At first we thought that maybe the furnace was simply circulating some chemical from the renovations around the house, but we were very careful in our materials (no VOC paint, ceramic tile floor, pure cement thinset mortar, etc.) so there really weren't many chemicals used, and there is no odor. Plus, it has been several weeks since the work was done.

Since the problem is happening when the furnace comes on, I am wondering if the ducts have some oil or something on them that we are reacting to. The worker said he used no chemicals when he installed the ducts. Is there some kind of oil on new metal ductwork that might cause this problem for sensitive people?

Also, question number two. When we do purchase a new furnace, do you have recommendations for chemically sensitive people? (For instance, I have been told that I should get an electric furnace next time. We currently have gas.)

Thank you so much!
Pam in Missouri