I have a 1979 GE Weatherton heat pump which services an addition on my home (in MD). The unit has worked well for the the last 30 years that I've live here with minimal repairs.
I replaced the outdoor unit 10 yrs. ago and had a new blower motor in the air handler 4 yrs ago and that's about it. I had a tech. out the other day who told me
the compressor in the outside unit is locked up and the unit has to be replaced but due to the fact that it uses the old refrigerant (I don't remember the number, R something)and a new one will use the new refirgerant (R something else) the I will have to replace the inside air handler unit as well. The existing GE Weatherton air handler unit is mounted to ceiling
in a finished basement and years ago I boxed in all the ductwork and the air handler unit but provided access panels for service, filter changing etc. The salesman came out today
to look at at replacing everything and says he doesn't know if he can find another unit of similar size with bottom access for service that will fit in the existing space and connect cleanly to the existing ductwork. I dread the fact of having to rip out and reframe/rebuild all the work I've already done to accomodate a new & larger airhandler unit.
My question is, can I have the old compressor (outside) repaired with the old type of refrigerant and keep my existing airhandler? Or does anyone know of any newer unit that
is small & ceiling mounted with bottom access that might work? It only has to services 4 rooms. I have never been impressed with the "heat" that the heat pump puts out, but I could
live with it to minimize the hassel and expense of an entire new system and having to rebuild my basement finished ceiling. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.