the outdoor ambient temperature is below freezing, as low as 28F, average around 30F
indoor target 64F (set away), looks like heat pump is keeping up with the heat.

i am seeing a consistent, repeating pattern of heat pump cycle on 16 minutes , off for 30 minutes, then cycle on 32 minutes (2x longer), then off for 30 minutes, then cycle on 16 minutes, then off 30 minutes, then cycle on 32 minutes. it seem to be a repeating pattern.

i am away from home, can't tell if compressor is in deep defrosted cycle and blower kept blowing cold air into house, according to the log, it seem like indoor temperature drop 1F during that same time, but if it is defrosting, why is it only happening every OTHER cycles?

i don't have heating strip, the aux heat is propane furnace, and the DIFF is 3F.

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