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So.....what about rifles like my 1960's Remington .22 cal. that does not have a magazine but instead a feeder tube (for lack of better term) that is affixed to the bottom of the barrel? I've never counted how many rounds it takes, probably 15-20. It's pump action like a shotgun and makes a great squirrel gun. Would I be breaking NY law if I put more than 7 rounds in it.....it's not a magazine...or clip like the ignorant like to call it.
Jmac knows the NYS law better than I do... however since it does not have a detachable magazine holding more than the so called magic number of safety (however that is supposed to protect folks from anything other than bad feelings has not been explained by the kings of spin)... then you probably are fine.. UNLESS

You p*ss off a polecat... in which case they will spin the facts to take you down. Just the way polecats operate. What amazes me: We give them this power voluntarily... when the Constitution says we can take it back if we choose... you remember all that 'We the People' stuff...