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    Ivu intergration

    I have integrated an existing Ivu into a new Jace I just installed, Bacnet/IP. The Ivu has Carrier Comfort controllers on it. The programmable long stick types, not sure what they are called. Most points were already configures as network points so I was able to see them. A few others I had to check the box to make them “discoverable” to the Jace. The trouble I am having, is the proxied points into the Jace cannot be override or set points cannot be changed. I tried different types of proxy points, however they all turn stale, tan. I have to deleted and relearn the point to correct this. If I make changes in the Ivu the Jace correctly reflects them. I also made sure to release the over rides in Ivu before trying to change them through the Jace.

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    Sounds like you are integrating into a i-VU CCN system. If you are, and you need to pull in points from the
    CCN side of the "i-Vu CCN Link Router", you may need to add some custom integration programs into the i-Vu CCN Link
    that will bring in the Comfort Controller (CCN) points and paint them to BACnet/IP to give you access to these points.

    Whomsoever you use to create these custom i-Vu CCN integration programs will need to make sure they co-ordinate which points you only want to read, versus those points you want to write to.

    There are limitations on the CCN side of which points you can write to, but a skilled i-Vu CCN integrator can create the needed programs in both the i-Vu CCN link, and using "Carrier CCN Best" to create the needed CCN table points in the CCN controllers.

    The CCN buss side of the i-Vu CCN Link may have a CCN comm buss speed of 9600 baud, so do not expect the speed
    of BACnet/IP reads, and writes, when you do finally get your points bindings with those points you want to write to.

    Suggest you contact a experienced Carrier controls integrator that has skills in both i-Vu CCN Link custom programming, and in custom programming with Carrier "Best" and using Carrier Service Tool V to set up the CCN side of the i-Vu CCN Link.

    The i-Vu CCN Link has "third party integration points limits", so you may want to review the Link IOM for what those limits are.

    I like to see people make two BAS brands talk and work together, unfortunately it does take a bit more work to make it
    work then Tridium, or Carrier claim.

    Being a full time "system integrator", I have very little preference regarding brands of automation. I do have preferences for brands that have good product documentation and user support.

    Wish you well on your project!

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" Aristotle

    Remember to "Pay it Forward"; help out the newer generation of techs, remember someone during our career helped us! ("Pay it Forward" was by someone smarter than me!!)

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    Why bring 1 web server into another? I think the IVU is tougher to work on and that a Jace is easier to deal with. But I would think unless you are bringing it into a Supervisor just go with the IVU and customize your graphics and tell customer this is what they bought.

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    Drac is correct, if you want to write to the ccn points you must install a Carrier Ivu Link, which you can program up to 500 points using application builder and then discover them bacnet/ip into the jace. the link allows you to specify which points are read only and which ones you can write to. The down side is you need an Ivu server to download the application bulider equipment file to the Ivu link. Carrier does make an Ivu integrator which you can program up to 1500 points but it is only sold thru Carrier own distributors or Carrier Service. Another option is to get the ccn driver for the Jace and bring in the points thru the rs485 port, you will only see status, maintenance and setpoints. you will not see config or service points. I have done quite a few of the ivu links and have seen the ccn driver work.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I think I have found what my issue maybe in another post. Looks like there is an Open and Standard version of the IVU.

    From that thread:

    i-Vu/CCN standard could be used to expose CCN devices or BACnet IP. This could be accomplished if the CCN IP Gateway address is something other than This would expose any CCN points that are BACnet visible and the points would be READ ONLY. All controllers would be viewed as one controller with Device Instance number.

    The problem I have is that the points appear to be read only. They do read fine. The local Carrier rep said, the IVU could be used as a BACnet/IP point server. Much like a BCU or a SiteLink which I have experience with. There my have been confusion on the reps part as to which model the customer has on site.

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    Don't forget the link requires an i-vu plus as apposed to an i-vu standard also.

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    It is confirmed as standard. Thanks again all!

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