disarming of the public has been going on though out the ages, long before there were guns.

kings of nations arm the public to go fight their war, then win or lose, they make sure they get those arms back.
...was it because of school sword-ings?
they made no secret of it.
the king didn't want to wake up one day and find the public had judged him, and he wasn't going to be the king anymore.
they locked themselves in castles to protect themselves from the enemy, from the public, and to keep control of the region.

most of the time owning professional weapons was illegal unless the king said so.

when the founders of the United States Of America created the nation, they wanted the old ways gone forever.
the government was to have no standing military power.
the founders felt the public could not be oppressed if they kept their own arms.

here we are in the modern age where they tell us we're the smartest people in the world, and the truth is, the public is bombarded with lies, BS, and propaganda,
...and can't tell the difference between up, down, left ,right, sky or water.

the people who run our government don't give a crap about school children, accidental deaths, or anyone else who drops dead.
you're a fool if you think they do.