Model# WSVC048N-2LH-FT

Put in last June, only used a couple of times, it's in a vacation condo.

Would like to see if anyone could give me a little advise on flushing the water condensing coil on this unit.

I got the call to replace the control board on this unit, did that but found another issue. I found the unit shutting down because of the discharge line getting to hot, sensor is on the liquid line coming out of the compressor, just before the reversing valve. My water inlet temp is 70-71deg, but the water outlet temp is hitting 100+deg before the board shuts it down. I pulled the inlet water line off to see maybe it had a clogged screen, no screen, but got rust and gunk out when it back washed from the hose being removed. I removed the water outlet hose same thing. I have tried to shock the unit in hopes the clog will dislodge, but have not had any luck.

What do I need to do next?