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So....of you saying that Obama is making bad decisions... do any of you think it could be worse? Say something happens to a family member of his and he goes postal...issuing executive orders to lock up every person of the same sex, race, and appearance of the person who committed the crime.

I knew some of you would come back at me saying....too late, but is it?
THAT scenario would not stand the rule of law... actually has happened in history in the USA.

Note in NY state... many local Sheriffs have publicly said they WILL NOT support the new gun law.

Fear of the govt is what they want... they WANT you to cower to their power. What is needed is folks who KNOW the founding documents well enough to KNOW what the govt can and cannot do... A knowledge of history is a help here.

Just like the animal kingdom... where a predator can smell fear miles off... a power lusting polecat can smell a cowering and afraid citizen. They (the polecats) ARE AFRAID of a citizen who KNOWS the law and has lawyer friends who are ready to stand their ground. The first thing one does when they get a CCW permit; is to join a local organization who promotes carry. The org will have lawyers who specialize in defending you. Having that relationship with the lawyer in place AHEAD of time (all it takes is go to the org meetings, chat with the lawyers at break time... and get their card), is the BEST insurance to not being bull-dozed by a govt who wants to take away your rights.