Just so you guys know where I'm coming from I'm a staunch believer in the 2nd amendment. I don't think the government or the president has the right to restrict gun ownership or even register & keep track of law abiding citizens who own guns.
That being said I heard on the radio an add from the pro gun lobby or NRA or whoever that really struck me as ludicrous.
It basically said "are the presidents kids any more important than yours" referring to the armed security that follows them to school etc. While I'm a strong gun supporter I can't be blind to the fact that we lose credibility when we come up with stuff like that. To equate the need for security for the President & his family with our own is totally ridiculous. Do any of us need 24hr. secret service protection for our kids or family or ourselves? I think not. AFAIC Obama has been a horrible President but as a parent & grandparent for the first time after hearing that commercial I actually felt bad for him. You can rationalize it all you want but that was a low blow & does not help the cause.