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    I am an engineering student asked to do an airconditioner audit of a given site as a project. I visited the site, which is an office/lab/storage bldg, and have gathered some information such as the number of a/c units, type and the name plate readings of the units. Now, I would like to know what exactly is to be performed in an airconditioner audit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I could give you more information but right now I just want a start.


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    I suggest you query your professor.

    He is the only one that knows exactly what he wants.

    It could be as simple as name brands & model numbers, but I doubt it.

    Being an engineering project, I suspect quite a few formulae are involved.

    Maybe heat load vs equipment selected?

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    Installed tonnage might be a start.

    We are talking about an audit, right?

    If you give more info, you might get more answers. Otherwise replies to your OP will either be scant or scattershot...or both.
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    What ( brand + type (type= type of system)) ,

    where (located in on or around the building),

    size ( capacity),

    age (in years, will do)

    expected life span,

    Integrity of control system if there is one, other than just thermostats.

    noise, this is a big one in an audit, take a decibel meter with you.

    Do an approximate load calc on the building and just see if the existing is close, then recommend a more complete assessment once there is a budget for it.

    energy efficiency ,( costs to run the unit over a years period) will help,

    expected maintenance and repair costs over their lifetime, or whats left of it.

    Summarize, negatives and positives of the equipment, look for the bad stuff, poor location, poor design, misapplication, noise levels in the building,

    Who cares what he wants to know , why bother guessing? just give him all the info, as if you were doing an audit to help the building owner make a decision on whether to keep their systems and maintain them, or replace them.

    Oh yeah, don't forget to add your recommendations,

    And if the stuff needs replaced give me a call and I will write a proposal for you, ,,,lol

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    Originally posted by Wild Leg
    Maybe heat load vs equipment selected?

    I will ditto this but word audit gives me a stomack cramps.

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    All of the above but don't forget Sequence of Operation.

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    Thanks all...

    beertech, that was good. That was the kind of post I was looking for.

    Thanks for the help

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    hey all....

    one question...

    how do i calculate energy efficieny and power consumption...
    i have the technical manuals for al the units so i hav al the electrical details (V rating, Running amps, max running amps, ower input, power factor, c.o.p, max starting amps)

    thx again

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    Engineers: People who spend a lot of money, to get educated, to get paid a lot of money, to screw things up. They should be required to work on the equipment they designe.

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    Mr. Drunk Munky,
    Sounds like you have received good feed back. If the teacher did not tell you to what extent the audit should go, the time line would help. Most likely they are just looking for the AC equipment information, total ton and condition. It would take a long time to do Btu’s generated and a load on the building. I would think a total audit would be more like a final on this subject. The efficiency formula should be in your book. Didn’t they do an example in class?

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