Hello all,

I am currently developing a new product for chiller systems and need someone with at least 10 years of experience in the industry, specifically working with closed loop chillers, to help me work through a few details.

This will be a completely new product for chiller systems designed to greatly increase efficiency and has already had considerable testing done by the Department of Energy as well as various colleges and groups around the world. I need to get this technology into the hands of a few experienced people and move past the testing phase. My hope is that I can find a few people to take a look at the product and find weakness or "side effects" that may present problems when deployed in the real world.

Ideally, I need someone with experience maintaining and designing complete chiller systems of any size. You should be knowledgeable about design parameters (flow calculations, pump sizing, pressure drop, etc.) as well as have a good amount of experience in the field diagnosing and fixing systems.

Those who are interested, please email me with your information and a quick list of experience as well as required payment per hour for consulting.

Thank you all for your time in reading this. Any recommendations of firms or individuals that might be willing to help with such a project would also be appreciated!

Christopher Gerstner
Christopher Products