Hello, I have a customer with several sites with Reliable Mach-1 controls with at least one site with a Mach-Global controller. All devices have network enabled communications that he is able to access using RC-Studio 1.1. He is looking to have these devices connect with Bacnet over IP to a JCI NCE. There is only one licensed computer in his office.

I have extensive experience with JCI but not reliable. I was using RC-Studio to look at the panels but there does not seem to be an option to view the communications setup of the devices. Local Reliable Controls dealers have not been helpful to him and the company that did the install not longer reps the product. We wish to keep the hardware in place as it works and there seems to be no issues in the buildings but he wants to view the systems through the JCI product.

To date, I had an NCE on site setup on the same local network and tried an auto-discovery through a Bacnet integration object. I also removed the Mach-Global controller, added a Bacnet field bus and tried to do an auto discovery through the wired MS/TP trunk. No go on both of these attempts to talk. I understand that the Mach-1 can talk both MS/TP and Reliable's own communication protocol.

Any help out there?

Thanks in advance.