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    York YK Chillers

    Hey Guys,

    I just purchased some large 2,000 ton chillers and am hitting a brick wall, as I often do in finding the cut sheets for these machines so as to get my trucking lined up. I've got 3 of them with a model number of YK R2 R2 - DF A. The only serial number I have is YMAM944343.

    If any of you guys have relatively easy access to this information it is worth it for me to pay for these cut sheets. If you can get them for me, give me a number that you believe is fair and I'll send you a cash, or Western Union. It probably would take me 100 times as long to get them as some of you so its well worth it for me to reimburse you a little bit for your time. Not looking to pay a lot but I run into this sort of thing about once a week on York chillers and often with Tranes. Carriers always seem to be a bit easier for me to find information on for some reason.

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can help!


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    Are you looking for the weight of the units?

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