We didn't build it we just work on it. Customer had 3 80ton TS chillers. Problem was they have two motors to be cooled and the way it is piped one chiller per motor with the third on standby if one of the others drops out. No bypasses or anything so they were running 60 degree chilled water and in summer the TSs hated life. I have mentioned these before but the chilled water upgrade is near completion. They went all out.
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Here are the old TSs^
they built a shelter over the controls with electric and lighting
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Here is the new 225 ton Trane addition
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They put in a 8000 gallon chilled water tank. They never had enough of a cushion. When the motors would unload the chillers would fall on their face. Then when they loaded the chillers would maybe catch up in time for unloading.
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We even have a panel where we can see what the motors are doing
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And how things are cooling
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The new setup is getting started soon. Chilled water setpoint will now drop to 50. Chillers will be happy. And the motors won't Condensate with bypass valves installed. Life for us will be a little easier with the Trane on primary so the TS machines can be brought back up to snuff.