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    And the truth will get you fired

    Haha, NY does it again. Don't like the results, don't hire an honest accountant

    ALBANY An independent consultant who examined New York's spending for Superstorm Sandy found what he believes are questionable transactions and practices, including poor oversight of the use of state credit cards, orders for a fleet of SUVs and the purchase of iPads that did not seem necessary for recovery efforts.

    Glad to see my hard earned tax money is going in the toilet.
    Of course I talk to myself

    sometimes I need expert advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac00 View Post
    Glad to see my hard earned tax money is going in the toilet.
    You and me both

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    Good for them for doing the right thing.

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    Now the question is:

    Will "We the People" make enough LOUD noise about this to force change... or will we wimp out and just let it go?

    I re-scheduled my sales appt Sat, so I could go downtown (Atlanta is the capital of GA), and march on the govt building to proclaim support for guns and the 2nd amendment.
    GA is a RED state... so no worries... However the more folks involved sending the message... the STRONGER the message.

    So go show your support Saturday!

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