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    Confused Integrating occupancy sensor into Lonworks NI to control VAV

    I was wondering if anyone has delt with this setup before and could give me some guidance. I have a VAV with a occupancy sensor wired into into an input. I want the VAV box to go to 0 CFM when office is not occupied. Not sure how to accomplish this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    What type of controller are you dealing with, there are different ways with each type. Generally we us Occupancy sensors for standby mode. If the schedule has the box in occupied mode and there is nobody in the space then it is in standby mode. The setback is not as drastic as unoccupied (2-3 degrees usually) so that the space can quickly recover when someone walks in.
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    I would aggre with having it go into standby mode so if could recover to setpoint upon occupancy but of course this engineer knows better and is calling for the boxes to go to o cfm. I am using a circon VAV controller (VAV 332 IMV). Thanks.

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    Look in the plug in help file
    Application concepts/VAV box control (configurable)/Primary airflow settings.
    Set the Idle airflow to 0.

    I think that will do the trick.

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    There are three universal IO's and a software tool to setup for occupancy detection. The logic is built in so you may want to check standby versus total fan shutdown if you have a reason to shut the fan off entirely.

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